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Today we are going to talk about the international concept «craft Gin .» It is a term to define gins made in small batches in an artisanal way, but with the highest quality. We find ourselves within this term that in Spain we define as artisanal gin. This concept should never be confused with home production without sanitary guarantees. We use the best of the current technique making 4 distillations and an alcohol of wine origin. On many occasions, illegal distillations have done a lot of damage to this concept that we are going to explain Artisanal manufacturing, but with the maximum guarantees.


Craft Gin means its made by artisan elaboration. Artisanal elaboration is one that requires experience and expertise on something. That is, mastering the medium of what you are doing and endowing it with all your experience. In the case of our Bull Terrier gins, they are produced in small batches where quality is pampered and samples of what we are manufacturing are tested. The control over the gin that we are manufacturing is very good since it is produced in small batches.


Our Gin Bull Terrier is produced in small batches where we remain present throughout the process and looking for the gustatory and olfactory result of the mixture that has cost us so long to balance. The team Bull Terrier is always keeping an eye on the the mouth is memorized in your brain forever. When you like what you do and you take it as an artisan elaboration, the result is that each bottle is unique while keeping the same characteristics as the rest of the bottles, which never exceeds 1,000 liters.

The selection of botanicals to use is also a fundamental part of the process. we always use the best quality botanicals. When some of your suppliers vary in quality, you let them know immediately. and if we see that a botanicals does not reach the quality that we require, we discard it


Our bottling process is controlled from the moment the bottle is filled with the gin until it is labeled. It is a whole process made by us, we insist on small batches with the maximum sanitary guarantees. The Craft Gin concept is also this, controlling the quality of bottling and labeling one by one. Each of our bottles passes through our hands in a protected atmosphere and using gloves and masks in the process.

Craft Gin


This Craft-type manufacturing and processing concept is increasingly valued worldwide. Take the example of making a cheese. A cheese made in batches of thousands of liters normally does not have the same aromas and flavors as a cheese made in small batches by a master cheese craftsman. They are generally portions that have less personality in the mouth than artisan cheese.

Returning to the Craft Gin concept, our gins try to have their own personality and not leave you indifferent when you try it. The large industry has accustomed consumers to productions that once combined with your favorite soft drink do not provide too many characteristics. Have you tried drinking your usual distillate alone? Try your favorite distillate alone and compare with other brands that at some point you take to change. In this way, your mouth will become familiar with the different types of distillates and their flavors in the mouth. You can visit our Bull Terrier Shop.

We hope you liked our post on the Craft Gin concept in which we feel part of this culture of elaboration and production.

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