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George Patton Bull Terrier

George Patton Bull Terrier

Hi everyone.

Today we are going to talk about General Patton’s Bull Terrier who accompanied him in his last year of life in Europe. The General’s Bull Terrier was called Willie, but? Was he the only Bull Terrier he had ever had? It seems that he had at least 3 Bull Terriers throughout his life. That is why when he arrived in England he asked his staff to buy a copy. George Patton Bull Terrier


As I say George Patton had already had several Bull Terriers throughout his life. The first who had many years before arriving in Europe named him Tank, in honor of his obsession with tanks.. He saw reflected in a dog the potential and advance of the tanks. Such was the crush on this breed that it was never separated from the virtues of strength and loyalty that these dogs give off. Without a doubt, both strength and a sense of honor were two of the characteristics of the general’s personality. Tank was deaf but nevertheless noticed before anyone else on his farm the arrival of his best friend and owner George. All the dogs that belonged to the family still remain buried in the family ranch, property of the general’s disdain today.


General George Smith Patton Jr was a man with a tough and difficult character but committed to his honor. On many occasions politically incorrect, especially considering that an army general must remain politically neutral, but that was not Patton. He was a brilliant man in the military, as demonstrated in the battles in which he participated. He was a leader and strategist to such an extent that he generated suspicion among the other generals in the US Army. They saw him as a rival whose promotion and merits in the army could cast a shadow on them in the near future. The son and grandson of generals in the United States, he was a man of customs and devotion to discipline, admiring strength and courage. Perhaps it is what he valued in the Bull Terriers or he felt identified with the point of madness of these friendly dogs.

When he arrived in Europe to fight in the allied block, his fame shot up to the point of being the only general feared by the high command of the Nazi army and he earned the nickname of blood and guts since he even accompanied his army. All analysts agree that he has been one of the most recognized generals of the 20th century.


Memorial statue to General Patton with Willie in the USA.

The dog that accompanied George Pattón in Europe was purchased from the widow of an aviation captain of the English RAF (Royal Aviation Force). This had him as his most valuable pet and even took him on the plane when he was on a mission. One day he did not take it on his plane when he received the order to bomb Germany and that day its owner died in combat, so we can say that the dog escaped death. His widow sold it to George Patton’s assistant since she had been ordered to provide him with a copy of the Bull Terrier dog as soon as possible.

Once the Bull Terrier and George Patton seen eachother, they never separated until the death of the general. There are two theories as to why he named him Willie (short for William). One is that it was named after William the conqueror. People closest to George Patton said they called him that because the dog was so thin and nervous that it reminded him of a boy he met at a multi-party barbecue on his farm. The was very thin and nervous and was called Willie,. The boy seemed to have never eaten since he was from a very humble family at the time of the great recession.

This is the first photo he took of Willie when it was brought to him.


In General Patton’s battalion everyone saw that the only thing George Patton never left was his dog. It was 1944. When George Patton was in a tank, Willie was there too. They slept in the same tent and accompanied the general even to the command office. The allies established him in Luxembourg after the end of World War II and there in the office they were together. Some witnesses claim that they even ate at the same table and put a chair for Willie so that he could reach without problems. This photo confirms that fact.

General Patton’s birthday with his dog Willie. George Patton Bull Terrier

People close to Patton knew when Patton came to the battalion because Willie was a few meters ahead of the owner’s arrival. It seems that even Willie was serious about it. All this is not only true, but it is history within the United States Army, and one of the reasons why the Bull Terrier breed is so popular this nation.


After the end of World War II, Geroge Patton remained in Europe for a few more months after the recent victory of the Allies, and more specifically in West Berlin, since East Berlin was under the control of the Russians. We are facing the beginning of the future Cold War and George Patton kept saying in his lectures that the enemy was now the Russians. These statements brought him many problems in his military career. George Patton suffered a traffic accident and died days later in the hospital, on December 21, 1945, after World War II had ended, giving rise to theories about the cause of his death. One that was a simple accident and another that was a conspiracy to end him. Willie had lost his owner and best friend again. He was sent to the United States with his widow and the general’s daughters living there for 12 more years. He was certainly a lucky dog ​​after having survived one of the bloodiest wars in history with two military owners, having miraculously escaped dying with his first owner and surviving a car accident with his second owner . A calmer future awaited him with the general’s family for 12 more years.

In the following images we can see Willie next to the general’s belongings before being sent to his family. He did not separate from the luggage until he embarked with them heading for the United States.

George Patton Bull Terrier.

I hope you liked the story of this dog and its owner, who during the time they stayed together did not separate for a single day.

We are convinced that George Patton himself would have liked this tribute to himself and his dog. As depicted in the movie that helped raise awareness of his legend, he was a cult drinker of good drinks and would be surprised if there was a spirit in the future called the Bull Terrier. His grandson currently runs the George Patton Museum of War Veterans in New York.

Our gins are for sale in the US and we are receiving very good reviews, in addition to telling us from there that the Bull Terrier is one of the popular emblems of the army and American culture. It is a long way yet but we are very happy to have started it.

Carlos Bragado.

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  • Joseph A. Pace, Jr. Posted 29 abril, 2020 4:22 pm

    I am a proud owner of an English Bull Terrier here in Coconut Creek, Florida, U.S.A.

  • Jim Newman Posted 15 noviembre, 2020 9:16 pm

    What a lovely write up about Patton and his bully…as a bully owner of fifty two years and with a white dog asleep on my lap at the moment it is easy to understand what he saw in a Bull Terrier.

  • Denise Dion Posted 16 noviembre, 2020 6:13 am

    I too am a proud owner of a spoiled English Bull Terrier that i never leave and is snoring currently as he sleeps next to me. I look forward to visiting your store.

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