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How to make a French 75

Hello everyone.

Today we are going to show you how to make a French 75 cocktail. A super elegant and powerful cocktail at the same time. It will surprise you.

What do we need to make a French 75?

·    1-    9 cl (3 Oz)  of Author’s Gin Bull Terrier.

·     2-   9 cl (3 Oz)  of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice.

·      3-   4 tablespoons of powdered  sugar and ice.

·       4- Fill in with  Champagne.

The original formula of the French 75, created by a bartender at Henry’s Bar in Paris, included calvados instead of champagne and was named after a World War I artillery piece.

It wasn’t called French 75 until postwar, when the owner of Harry’s New York Bar in Paris introduced sparkling wine. Its success replaced the gin by other alcohols.

Elaboration of French 75

We add to our shaker 9 cl (3 Oz) of Bull Terrier Author Gin, 9 cl (3 Oz) of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 4 small tablespoons of powdered sugar. Add ice and shake the shaker vigorously and serve by straining into the champagne glass. We fill our glass with champagne and decorate with a lemon peel twist.

French 75 is a cocktail that was created in the First World War by the barman Harry’s New York Bar in Paris and its name comes from an artillery piece from the war. That is, it is a powerful cocktail that is to be treated with care like a powerful piece of artillery. It is after the First World War that champagne was added to replace the calvados that was originally added. Calvados is a type of brandy distilled from cider typical of the Normandy region in northern France. We imagine that it was originally a very potent cocktail with gin and cider brandy, hence its name of French 75 in honor of the artillery piece used by the French army. This cocktail created in Paris became fashionable among the United States population that resided in Paris, military, politicians and writers, leading this cocktail later to popularize it in the United States until it became the classic it is today.

We hope you like this cocktail and we are sure that it will surprise you.

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