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Masterclass Spanish Style Gin and Tonic

Masterclass Spanish Style Gin and Tonic

Hello Everyone!

We invite you all to watch our masterclass we made for our clients of Luxembourgh. We love to colaborate with our clients and to share our opinion and best way we think we can present and make our cocktails using our Bull Terrier Gins to make a Spanish Style Gin and Tonic.

How to make a Spanish Style Gin Tonic.

In the next video we will show you how our Brand Ambasador teachs us how to make a spanish style gin and tonic. We think that the way of preparing it and the technique can make a huge difference in the taste and the presentation of a Gin and Tonic. In Spain, the bartenders has improved in making cocktails during the last years. If you want to skip the video untill it shows the full screen, go to the minute 10:45.

We hope you like it!

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