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New version of the famous – Tom Collins

New version
of the famous – Tom Collins

Hi everyone.

Today we are going to prepare a new version of the famous Tom Collins with a different fresh touch made with our tropical gin Bull Terrier. Tom Collins is a cocktail with a lot of history and today we are going to show you a new way to surprise your friends.


Next we give you the ingredients for the elaboration of our new version of Tom Collins and we compare it with a traditional Tom Collins. Our Tropical Bull Terrier Gin combines in an amazing way with the aromas of orange, that´s why we have replaced the lime or lemon for orange and the traditional gin for our Tropical Bull Terrier Gin.

Ingredients to make the Tom Collins with Tropical Bull Terrier Gin

2 ounces (6 cl) of Tropical gin Bull Terrier.

3/4 ounces (10-11 cl) of sugar syrup.

The juice of half a lime.

Top of soda in the glass and lots of ice.




Tom Collins Traditional Ingredients

2 ounces (6 cl) of Gin de Autor Bull Terrier.

3/4 ounces (10-11 cl) of sugar syrup.

The juice of half a lime.

Top of soda in the glass and lots of ice.


To make the New Version of the famous Tom Collins you will need a Tom Collins type wide tube glass, it is a type of glass that owes its name to this cocktail, it is wide tube and generally lower and wider than the traditional  tube glass, a cocktail shaker, you can do it in a mixing glass and stirring the ingredients with a cocktail spoon with the ice inside.

We cool our shaker with ice and discard the water and ice. We add ice to the glass that we are going to use and stir to cool our glass with the cocktail spoon so that it is very cold.

In the shaker we add the 6 cl of Tropical Bull Terrier Gin, then 10 cl of sugar syrup, put two or three ice cubes in the shaker and shake vigorously for a few seconds. If we don´t have a shaker, we do the same but in a mixing glass, we add tropical bull terrier gin + syrup + half orange juice, in a mixing glass or even in the same glass where we are going to have the drink. The result will be excellent if we opt for the shaker option.

Next, we discard the excess water from the ice in our Tom Collins glass and fill it with all the ice that the glass allows. We pour the contents of the shaker into our glass, fill with more ice and complete with the orange soda. If we have chosen to do it in the mixing glass or in the Tom Collins glass itself, we must have added the juice at the same time you´re mixing it. Then fill with soda. We have decided not to decorate the cocktail but you can add a half slice of orange or an orange peel.

In the following video you can see how we have done the whole process. We have made an orange soda by adding the orange juice to our siphon but if you don’t have it, you can do it directly by adding the orange juice to the shaker, mixing glass or Tom Collins glass.

We invite you to see our new video version of the famous Tom Collins

If you want to know more about the history of Tom Collins, below the video we will talk a little bit about it.


Tom Collins is a classic cocktail. We think that this new version of the famous Tom Collins is a different touch that will surprise even the most purist of mixology.

The Tom Collins emerged around 1870 or perhaps earlier as it appears in the famous cocktail book «The Bartender’s Guide» by Jerry Thomas. It is perhaps the oldest known bartending book. The origin of any cocktail from this time is full of anecdotes and very curious versions such as the one that the name came from a joke that was used in bars and pubs in New York in those years when you went to a bar and asked for a guy named Tom Collins who was the one who would pay the bill at the end of what was consumed. Another version of the name is that this cocktail was invented by a famous bartender named John Collins and that to make his drink he used Old Tom-type gin.

We hope you like this way of making a Tom Collin and we encourage you to try it at home or in your bar for customers.

Greetings to all and cheers.

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new version of the famous tom collins

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