Perfect Serve Tropical Gin Bull Terrier ( English ).

Our Tropical Gin is prepared the same way as a normal G&T, just following the steps of a good-made Gin Tonic, but with this Gin we do not recommend to use citric in the elaboration. That´s why we recommend this way of elaboration. Enjoy our Perfect Serve Tropial Gin  Bull Terrier.

  1. Cool down really well your special G&T glass. The ice cubes that we are going to use must be strong and solid. Anyways, we recommend rinsing the ice cubes to eliminate any type of impurity and smells of the surface. It is very important for your Perfect Serve Tropical Gin Bull Terrier.
  2. To cool down our glass, we will use braided spoon to stir the ice cubes. At home we can use another object as braided spoon, like a regular spoon. Another way of cooling down our glass is to stir the ice cubes in the glass, moving it in circular motion. Don´t you have a braided spoon to prepare your G&T? It´s essential in your home!
  3. We pour out the water that has melted in out glass.
  4. The measurement is very important. For a 200 ml bottle we will add between 45 ml and 50 ml of our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier. It´s important to measure the quantity with a jigger. We have one in promotion.
  5. We add the mixture to our glass. Here is where we will find the biggest difference with a normal Gin Tonic. We recommend adding a piece of fresh pineapple or a slice of green apple. The citric aromas are very strong and will neutralize our tropical botanics.
  6. The tonic water must be really cold, and we are going to pour it slowly on our ice cubes, a little bit higher than our glass, spinning the glass so the tonic water and the Gin mix together.
  7. Stir slowly our G&T so we don’t break the bubbles.

Ok ! Now you are ready to make your Perfect Serve Tropical Gin  Bull Terrier. Gin Tonic Tropical. Read more about our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier.

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