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Much more than Gin
- Bull Terrier and Friends -

We have always been lovers of dogs, and gin, at first sight it is an impossible combination, gin and dogs, but we´ve found the perfect way to do a social good while enjoying a good gin.

We are located in Spain, one of the countries where one of the countries where the number of homeless dogs is high, for this same reason we fill the need to contribute and do something about it; we dedicate 10% of the sales to support NGOs with and volunteers who fight every day to solve this problem.

Since Liqueurs and Gins Bull Terrier started, we have been supportive and solidarity active in direct donations to NGOs that our team visits personally, which help all dogs to find a home, where they feel loved. Apart of this, we are active in organizing benefic festivals, where our profit goes directly to helping dogs to find a new home.

Do you want to know how to help? Don´t hesitate to contact us, and we will tell you what you can do and how to help.

Just send us an emial to:


bull terrier and friends
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