Spanish Style Gin Tonic Tropical Gin Bull Terrier ( English )

Hello everyone

Today we are going to show you how to prepare a gin & tonic Spanish style with our Tropical Bull Terrier

When we talk about the »Spanish style» we mean the way we are seen in the world of how we make a good gin and tonic here, how to cool the glass, the type of glass where we prepare our drink in Spain and the way to add dressings.

As we have discussed in another article on our blog, the origin of gin is Dutch, and the evolution and dissemination throughout the world was largely by the English. At the same time of all this in Spain a very own style was created in the elaboration of gins, and in the last decades we have revolutionized the way to elaborate a perfect Gin Tonic and a whole example to follow in the whole world.

In Spain we have evolved the way to make a Gin Tonic using a large glass, a balloon glass if it´s possible, and the use of a good ice cubes. Cool and add cold drinks to last the maximum at low temperature. Here we use a large glass to preserve the cold as long as possible and that the aromas persist in our gin and tonic.

spanish style gin tonic with our gin


To prepare our Gin Tonic »Spanish Style» with our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier we are going to use some pineapple in this case.

We will need a balloon glass where we are going to add a lot of ice. And stir the ice in our cup with a spoon to cool the glass.

We add 5 cl of Tropical Bull Terrier gin using a jigger. The measure is very important so that whenever we do a gin and tonic it will be the same. An excess of alcohol in our glass can spoil the taste and aroma of our gin and tonic and will cause us to miscalculate the amount of alcohol ingested.

The steps to follow for a good G&T Spanish style:

1. Use a balloon glass.

2. Add the maximum ice.

3. Measure 5 cl of Tropical Bull Terrier Gin with a jigger.

4. Cut fresh pineapple and put it in our glass.

5. We serve a 20 cl tonic very slowly and on the highest ice cube.

6. Stir very slowly with a half turn to our glass with the Spoon.

7. You can watch our video on Youtube Spanish Style Gin Tonic Tropical Gin

You are ready to have a good Spanish Gin Tonic »Spanish Style«.

We hope you liked our new introduction of this style of G&T.

See you soon

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