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We all know that the Dutch invented the Gin, or genever.  But here in Spain, we have created our own Spanish Style Gin Tonic and took it to the next level. Now a days, this style is a whole reference in the world.

The main differences that the Spanish style G&T has is:

  1. We use an oversized balloon glass
  2. We add ice, a lot of ice!!
  3. We prefer not to use a very dry gin
  4. We perfume the G&T usually with the peel of the fruit, not the pulp
  5. And we serve the tonic slowly to preserve the bubble.

Why do we use an oversized balloon glass?

We have 2 answers for this;

  1. how bigger the glass, more ice cubes fit in, so the drink takes more time to melt, and this means that it takes more time for the bitterness to come through.
  2.  It simple taste better if the G&T is really cold.

For the Spanish style we run away from the very dry gin, that’s why we recommend in this article to use our Author gin and Tropical Gin Bull Terrier.

With the fruits, the Real Spanish Style Gin Tonic don’t throw to many herbs, spices or fruits in our G&T, it need to stay a drink not a fruit salad.

With the author gin we recommend to use lemon, or orange peel.

With the Tropical gin Bull Terrier we recommend to use pineapple or a small piece of mango.

And now, let’s answer the classic question with has created a lot of controversy: serve the tonic WITH OR WITHOUT SPOON?

The answer is: NO SPOON, it may look fizzier when serving the G&T but the truth is, how fizzier it looks, how quicker the bubble will disappear of our drink, because the metal of the spoon kills the bubble of our tonic water.

We never stop looking for new ways to serve and improve our G&T, and we will always try to share our new ideas and discoveries with you.

And with the new brands of tonic water that are now a days, and it different styles we always try to taste them before we recommend it to you. But as we´ve said, normally the Spanish style G&T we use neutral tonic waters, with a stronger bubble or not, that depends on you, but keep in mind; the more neutral, the less prominence steals the gin.

Another thing that we think is very important, is the quality of the ice, always try to pick the big rocks of ice for your drink, so it won´t get watery too fast. The quality of the ice improves and makes a big difference in a G&T.

At last but not least, choose your garnish wisely, don´t fill your glass with a lot of garnish, just stay simple with this, we recommend 1 or 2 different fruits in your G&T, it doesn´t need to look like a fruit salad.

This is it for today, we hope you like it.

Please, don’t doubt in asking us whatever you want and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

In this link you can see our videos about G&T.



  • Sheree Posted 24 enero, 2020 4:33 pm

    Can I buy your gin/sweatshirts if I live in the USA. I would love to purchase for gifts.

    • Carlos Bragado Posted 20 marzo, 2020 6:31 pm

      Hello. Sherre. In USA you can get our Gins in New York. If you want can send we a email and we tell you the liquors store. Thanks

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