Tropical Gin Bull Terrier ( English )

       Hello everyone. Today we´re going to talk about our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier and about the best way to prepare  a Gin Tonic with our Tropical Gin.

Our tropical botanics.

Our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier is full of tropical flavour nuances

  1. Mango: Mangoes are juicy stone fruit (drupe) from numerous species of             tropical trees belonging to the flowering plant genus Mangifera. In India it´s the king of the fruits and they consider it as a love symbol.
  2. Guayaba: Tropical fruit that comes from Central Africa. He´s taste is a mixture of pear, quince and fig fruit with a mix of strawberry, with a deep flavor and very pleasant.
  3.  Passion fruit: Also called “Maracuyá” in Brasil, It is originally from the Amazon. With an acid taste and more penetrating aromas.
  4. Cassis:  Our last botanic  isn´t tropical, it comes from Central Europe. In either case, this botanic excites us and we´ve decided to use it. After all, the world is globalized.

Gin tonic and his citrics

Our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier is a Gin with 4 distillations, that’s how we get a pure alcohol that is so easy to drink. Our selected botanics fit in really good with the purity of our alcohol. Everybody knows that the G&T always goes hand in hand, especially with lemon. But… Are there other options than only lemon? You can enhance your Gin Tonic with orange, lime, grapefruit, apple, etc.

Our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier isn´t a big fan of the citrics. If we use it, it will only be to decorate it and we will never perfume our G&T tropical with the lemon rind and much less with pulp. This will make transform it to an other different drink, but it will maintain his tropical touch, just not so strong. In the family of the citrics, the orange is the one that goes the best, but without perfuming it.

The universe of the Gins in so big, as the number of different botanics that they use in the different elaborations. The lemon and the citrics in general, are present in the 80% of the combinations, but the non-stop demand and the growing of the best bartenders makes it possible to have a lot of options to choose. Without any doubt, everybody is trying to attract attention of the cocktail universe, in order to get more popular.


The Gin universe has grown a lot, and like we said, the list of botanics used is infinite. The elaboration has also evolved. There is a new trend that consists in decorating in excess our drinks. We respect this, but we are more conservative with our drinks.

A good Gin & Tonic has to be a Gin & Tonic that we like. A professional can recommend one way of elaboration, that maybe  is better, it´s always good to listen and learn of professionals, as of masterclasses and to learn a little bit about the history of the gin.

For our part, above all, we want you not to fall into the new fashion of adding many dressings; we don’t want to convert our gin and tonic into a salad, or a cocktail or fruit salad. If we use a specific fruit, we will only one. In this way we can compare with other gin and tonics that we have done in our house or in our bar for our clients.

Another thing is the decoration, which does not add flavor. If at a certain moment we feel creative and want to apply it to our glass, to surprise our partner or a friend who visits us at home, feel free to use your imagination, I insist, without affecting the taste too much. Maybe all this is one of the secrets of the success of Gin Tonic, the illusion that we put when we elaborate and decorate it. It is an art! After all we eat and drink first with sight, then with smell, and finally with taste.

Our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier is ready to surprise you. We invite you in any case to try it only with tonic, nothing else.

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