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Tropical Gin with Schweppes Orange and Lychee.

Hi everyone.

Today we are going to show you a very surprising cocktail of Gin Tropical Bull Terrier with Schweppes Orange Lychee. It´s an ideal combination for lovers of softer cocktails and for those who  like tonic, or simply if you want to try something different. It will surprise you.

How to make a Tropical Gin Bull Terrier with Schweppes Orange and Lychee.

The Schweppes Orange & Lychee premium soft drink is very surprising for its balance between the sweetness of the Lychee and the acidity of the orange. It combines in an exceptional way with our Tropical Bull Terrier Gin because of the tropical botanicals that we bring to our gin. Lychee is a tropical tree that comes from southern China and Vietnam, in temperate climates and its fruit has a very pleasant sweet and sour taste. Our Tropical Gin Bull Terrier pairs perfectly with this premium schweppes soft drink.

1st: We cool our balloon glass with plenty of ice, stirring and removing the excess water.

2nd: We add 5 cl of Tropical Bull Terrier Gin.

3rd: We add a piece of fresh mango, it can be replaced by a small skewer of grapes.

4th: We add the Schweppes Orange and Lychee very slowly so we won´t break the bubble.

5th: Now it´s time to enjoy your surprising Tropical Gin Bull Terrier combination.

It is a very easy combination to make and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised by this combination. The Bull Terrier Liquors and Gins team likes to try different combinations and new flavors of soft drinks to be able to get a wide range of cocktails..

If you want to know more about our Gin Tropical Bull Terrier click on the following link Tropical Gin Bull Terrier

Discover more combinations in our youtube channel Bull Terrier and Friends.

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