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Vinexpo Bordeaux Liquors and Gins Bull Terrier.

Vinexpo Bordeaux Liquors and Gins Bull Terrier.

Hello everyone.

In this article we want to make a little summary of our experience as exhibitors of Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019. It was a real pleasure having our stand and sharing the same place as the big brands of all over the world.


The official data of Vinexpo Bordaux 2019 were: 50.400 m2 of pavilion, 2.000 exhibitors and 40.000 professional visitors of 150 different countries, and YES!!! We were there as exhibitors for 4 days long, more than 10 hours each day sharing impressions about our liqueurs, gins and learning  about wines, sake, champagne and a lot of other drinks. It was impossible to taste everything. Vinexpo is one of the 3 most important fairs in the world of the spirits and wines.


Once you are there, the first immpression is that you are in a huge city under the same roof with small and big brands of all over the world. There are even stands representing different countries, those have little stands in them. So you can find big stands of wine of Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Germany and New Zealand, etc. It is also very common stands of different denominations of origin or regional grouping. The stand of Spanish wines were competing with the best wines, and as you know, Spain is present all over the world with its wines, food and everything that Spanish gastronomic culture entails.

We were really excited being very close to the big stand of winemakers of D:O Toro (Zamora), and with their president Felipe Nalda, who we know for more than 15 years and Rubén Gil Alfageme, both did a great job.

In each of those big stands, there are aprox. 15 or 20 winemakers with different wines, ready to give you a sample of their excellent wines and other products, explaining with all detail all the culture of their country and region. It´s very common that the winemakers offer you some typical food to share with wine. In our case, it´s not so different. We shared a big stand with big winemakers of Castilla and Leon and we were the only one who had black legged ham cutter, so you can already imagine what expectation this caused.


Bull Terrier at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019 he offered visitors a tasting during the 4 days of the fair and tried to solve their concerns and doubts. Those visitors are trying to find new products and to learn about them, especially in wine, and with the culture  that’s behind it. Here is when you see with how many people you are sharing your passion with, and they are willing to listen to you. They ask every doubts and questions that go through their mind, they ask about our products, they try them in front of you and you see their reactions (body language does not lie). One may think that your product is good because the people of your country like it, but the litmus test is that it is tasted by people from other countries and cultures, and if its specialized people who have tried thousands of products, the conversation is very enriching.

After the fair you realize that people all over the globe has tried your Gins and Liqueurs, people of : US; Canada, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil. Asia, China, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, India and Japan. People from Australia and New Zealand. By supposed people of France and all parts of old Europe like; Germany, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania …

In short, you have interacted in continuous tasting of your products with people from all these countries and cultures, being for our brand and the 3 people who came from us, a great enriching experience and a pride to represent not only ourselves, but also to our country Bull Terrier in Vinexpo Bordeaux, it did not leave indifferent who tasted our liqueurs and Gins.

You can visit our video of the make a Gin Tonic in Bordeaux Vinexpo 2019

We hope you liked our article. It has been pleasure for us to share with you our experience lived those days of May 2019 in Bordeaux (France).

Thanks to all who share our moments. We continue to learn and enjoy. Cheers! Carlos Bragado.

If you want you can visit the characteristics of our gins in this link:

Author Gin Bull Terrier. and Tropical Gin Bull Terrier

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